BC Garn

BC Garn is the brand with the most GOTS-certified yarns in the entire industry. Already 14 yarns are fully certified and thus verifiably produced according to strict animal welfare and environmental protection standards. In addition, the GOTS seal guarantees fair wages, occupational health and safety, good working conditions and social responsibility. All of this is checked annually.

BC Garn stands for natural and sustainable yarns that actively contribute to a sustainable and ethical fashion industry.

The traditional Danish company BC Garn was founded in 1996 by Bo Carstensen, who came from a family of weavers. The focus has always been on developing yarns made from natural fibers in a wide range of colors. In spring 2018, Marianna and Bo handed over "their baby" to Britta and Carsten Kremke, who are continuing the yarn, color and model range in the tradition of the Danish founders.