Brushed Baby GOTS undyed Limited Edition

Material: 100% alpaca
Yardage: 200m/50g
Needle: 5-6 mm
Gauge: 15 = 10 cm
Material Consumption for women's jumper size M: 400g
hand wash only

Brushed super soft babyalpaca yarn (22,5 Micron) for all those who find mohair kind of itchy but still want something snuggly. And on top of that, this wonderful yarn is even GOTS certified! GOTS certified baby alpaca yarn is still a very rare and precious fiber. The reason: Alpacas are raised normally on very small farms in the mountains in Peru. Only very few farms are big enough to be able to afford a GOTS certification process. Our supplying mill has now helped some farms to get the certification and we were able to secure the majority of the first harvested GOTS babyalpaca wool for us. Due to the fact that up to today there are no GOTS certified dye houses near our mill, we are offering only undyed versions here.

GOTS - Organic - certified by BCS 25956