Loch Lomond Lace GOTS Sale Colors

Here comes the fine, single-ply version of our Loch Lomond, the typically English tweed yarn. It has kept the wonderfully rustic look, but is even a bit softer in the lace version than its big sister. The incomparable airiness of woolen yarn comes into its own again here!

Carded yarns are nice and voluminous and at the same time have a great running length. This makes knits nice and light. Carded yarns are not quite as tear-resistant as worsted yarns, so you should not knit too tightly here so that the thread does not tear.

Either processed solo for accessories or in combination with e.g. baby alpaca or kid mohair, also wonderfully suitable for mixed-material garments. And best of all: The yarn is GOTS certified! So from the sheep to the dyeing and production to storage and packaging, everything is produced according to strict specifications in an ecologically and socially correct manner.

The raw wool for Loch Lomond comes from mulesing-free farms in South America. It is spun and dyed in Turkey.

GOTS - Organic - certified by BCS 25956